Your True Self

Your True Self Grace Mendez

Can we ever be anything but our true self? I believe we are who we are from birth. Then, we make choices in how we lead our lives. Those choices can mask who we really are. I’m talking about the choices we make to please other people. Who are these other people? Parents, family, teachers, […]

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Zentangle Inspired Art

Grace Mendez zentangle inspired art portrait

One of my favorite subjects for my art journals is a woman’s face and zentangle® inspired art hair. As a certified zentangle teacher, I have an immense love of abstract patterns. You cannot make a mistake. You may think you made a mistake but chances are, you are the only one who can see it. […]

Online Art Workshops

Online Art Workshops List Grace Mendez

There are so many online art workshops that I thought I would create a list. The list is a combination of my own personal experience* with their online workshops and/or DVDs and the rest on the list come from students who are passing on their recommendations. The workshops vary in length from about an hour […]

Mirror to the Soul

Grace Mendez. Mirror to the Soul

The best thing about viewing art, or creating art is how it acts as a mirror to the soul. I believe no two people interpret art the same way. We each bring our own life experiences to viewing or creating art. Not only that, our reaction changes to the same piece of art when we […]